Media & Talks

Uncovering the Facts Behind Unretirement.” May 31, 2022. Extended radio interview with Melissa Harris-Perry (Host), Deborah Goldstein (Producer), The Takeaway.

“Improving economic opportunity for older workers.”  November 19, 2020.  Four leading labor experts discuss challenges to work at older ages and propose policy reforms in this webinar. Brookings Institution.

“Sociologist Beth Truesdale speaks on the challenges facing America’s aging workforce.”  December 10, 2019.  Radio broadcast and news coverage of talk at St. Olaf College.  MPR News Presents.  Minnesota Public Radio.


At 99, iconic producer Norman Lear doesn’t want to quit working. Can work help us all live longer?” June 3, 2022. Interview with Sandee LaMotte, CNN.

Millions retired early during the pandemic. Many are now returning to work, new data shows.” May 6, 2022. Interview with Abha Bhattarai, The Washington Post.

“How Biden could help older workers.” December 14, 2020. Interview with Chris Farrell, PBS Next Avenue.

“Providing a foundation for older American workers to stay in labor force longer.” December 2, 2020. Coverage of report and webinar hosted by the Brookings Institution on improving economic opportunity for older workers. Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies.

“Truth, Justice, and America’s Aging Workforce.”  November 13, 2019.  Webcast of an invited talk for the St. Olaf College Institute for Freedom and Community as part of the Fall 2019 series: Discrimination and the Search for Justice and Truth. Download the transcript.

“Q&A with sociologist and expert on aging Beth Truesdale ’97.”  October 28, 2019.  Interview with the St. Olaf College Institute for Freedom and Community.

“Individuals shouldn’t have to bear burden of a secure retirement.”  September 6, 2019.  Boston Globe, Letter to the Editor.

“Poverty touches not just pocketbooks, but mental health.”  May 17, 2018.  Radio interview with Oliver Lazarus (Producer), Tanzina Vega (Host), The Takeaway.